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If the fans are latching onto these characters and coming up with their own creativity…if this inspires a conversation, fantastic. It’s art, we’re entertainment, and people can draw from it what they will.

Our amazingly talented friends at Supernatural were thrilled with their brand new camera covers. Posing with their A Camera Cover are: Focus puller Matt Tichenor, Director of Photography Serge Ladouceur, Actor/Director Jensen Ackles and Camera Operator Brad Creasser. Season 10 is going to be a great one! Thanks for using Cameras by Clairmont [x]

I’m not Mr. Debonair Suave. I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes. That doesn’t sound very hot to me.


whenever i see a character i dont like being shipped with my favourite character



Keeping up with the Kardashians - Season 2. Episode 8: Kardashian Family Vacation