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Eternally in love with Jensen Ackles and Dean Winchester (bitter dean!girl ahoy!) Tom Hiddleston is an absolute menace.
♥ Dean/Cas. Arthur/Merlin. Thor/Loki. ♥
[Jensen and Jared] were both on stage together - not wanting to be left out of the fun, Misha snuck into the back of the auditorium, snagged a microphone and asked in a high pitched voice - “Is it hard to play brothers when you’re lovers in real life?”

just don’t go without me.




"this fanfiction contains mature themes"

your favorite ship has to file taxes and it’s mad frustrating and creates relationship friction but they get it done and it’s a bonding experience they laugh about later. also eventually they will both die.

"Bucky, the over-65 deduction is not meant for-"

"If you’re gonna say we haven’t earned it, I swear, I will-"

"It’s not meant for people who are still working-"

"The US government damn well owes me. Owes us. A few lousy dollars tax deduction is barely a start-"

"It’s the principle-"

"If it’s honesty, we’re being honest about our birthdates, so we gotta claim the deduction-"

"You know that’s not the point, it’s about- Bucky. Bucky? What are you writing- No. You are not putting the rest of the Avengers down as my dependent children, givethatbacknow-“


merlin + armor {request by anon}